Thursday, December 14, 2017

Year 6 Graduation Dinner - Class of 2017

Year 6 Graduation Dinner at Sky City! Class of 2017 - I feel very blessed to be teaching these amazing, talented tamariki. The World is your OYSTER!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Our Term 4 value is CARING. On Friday our Wymondley Road students presented the Salvation Army with 100 Watties cans. These cans will go into the Salvation Army’s Food Bank to help feed those in need. We’d like to thank Ms William and her class,Koura for organising this awesome act of service.

The picture created symbolises the shield of the Salvation Army! The hands represents the students/staff and community of WRS coming together to lend a hand for a great cause and giving back through SERVICE! Which is our school value. It is really important to educate our children towards giving back and supporting a great cause by starting with something little that will go along way for others.

We collected a total of 100 cans during the week and are very proud for all our efforts! 

Project Manager - Fortay Mauga


KOURA created an ALL KINDS of CLEVER POSTER using chocolates as part of the message. We created our own individual message in our writing lesson.  As a class we then choose which message we liked best and put it together on a poster which reads:

CRUNCH time for KOURA children starts at 8.30am from Monday to Friday. It's about aiming high and higher toMOROw.

KOURA gets a TURKISH DELIGHT when the teachers are in a happy go lucky mood.

When your overflowed with knowledge, you will need TIME - OUT to refuel.

TWIRL looks like a pen doing a lot of cool writing from POBBLE!

Koura children are like a BLACK KNIGHT taking ownership in their learning. A BOOST of energy to get strength and learning to reach our goals.

Working EXTRA EXTRA hard gives us time to reflect on our next task. Koura children gets a BOUNTY of rewards when working as a team.


Our poster is a team effort and the main part of this mini project was that it was FUN!

Thank you! Carsten Ainu’u

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Today at WRS we started our week with TONGAN LANGUAGE WEEK! We embrace the culture of our Pacific families through song, dance and language. Our TONGAN children look HANDSOME and BEAUTIFUL in their TRADITIONAL WEAR. Looking forward to the learning in our class during the week! MALO AUPITO!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

WRS Girls Rugby Team faced off against Primary Schools in the Auckland Rugby Champs of Champs. They all played with so much Pride and love for each other. It was all about the experience and journey together. Would like to give thanks to our AMAZING coaches Sione Tauga, Freedom and Ms William for their commitment and support. It has been a privilege to see these beautiful ladies grow together!!

Project WY

Congratulations to all our Project Wy Families!! Well done on a FANTASTIC GRADUATION NIGHT - We're all PROUD of you all

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Burden of the World

On her shoulders, she sustained the burden of the world but there wasn't much distance to throttle on. The path she took was hard, tough and painful; it was obstructive and hindered her every stride and movement of the way.

Redemption, deliverance in sight was a large town that lay in advance towards the front. She must have great strength ,giving all her boldness, fearlessness, bravery to extricate and free the world.

On her shoulders, she sustained the burden of the world.

By Rihanna


She held humanity connected to a rusty chain. She was saving the earth, dragging it on a remote trail going throughout the Savannah. Every step she took it felt like hell on earth; Every breath she took it was filthy and dusty; Every thought was a thousand kilometers away. But she had hope and faith in humanity. She just thought, who cares only a mile away…

By Fortay

Year 6 Graduation Dinner - Class of 2017

Year 6 Graduation Dinner at Sky City! Class of 2017 - I feel very blessed to be teaching these amazing, talented tamariki. The World is y...